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Welcome to the Suck-o Wiki The purpose of this Wiki is to take all the rock solid facts from the Suck-o community board, clean them, update the text if needed, and put it here for everyone to see. One of the main features of this Wiki, is that it, and all of its content, can be reached through Google, while the community board can't, which makes it a powerful tool. Some information found here will not be put on the boards, but that is up to the Administrator posting it. Regular members can't post anything or edit anything on this Wiki, and we (the suck-o staff) feel that it was the obvious choice. If you want anything to make it here, you have to make a good and clean tutorial of something and post it on the Suck-o boards, or if you have a very important fact about something, then you can contact a staff member about putting it here (after you have posted it on the boards). Don't forget to visit our community site[1] to get more material (We only put the best and cleanest tuts/guides/info here!).

Happy hacking!!

Do you want to add something to the Wiki? Go to the Suck-o forum at [2] and tell us about it!